Addressing America’s Most Acute Problems

We are an early-stage venture capital firm focused on using technology and science to solve for the future.

Narya does not subscribe to the view that we need more backward looking “tech” businesses. We need innovation and change.

By design, we are nimble and curious, allowing us to take a prospective look at the world and back founders tackling our must-fix problems. Our companies are taking bold steps forward, including by:

Making Medicare understandable and actionable for eligible citizens.

Growing fruits and vegetables on our soil in ways that bring fresher, healthier and cheaper food to more families.

Using advanced therapies to tackle our nation’s proliferation of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Protecting our sovereign assets with advanced defense technologies.

On-shoring all necessary pre-clinical, clinical and manufacturing capabilities for our most cutting-edge life sciences companies.

Using technology to make car and home insurance more affordable.

Defending the pillars of our democracy such as free speech and capitalism.

Our LPs include some of the most successful investors, entrepreneurs, innovators and institutions in the world.